Alec Baldwin’s Exit From Twitter Doesn’t Last Long

"30 Rock" star Alec Baldwin is back and tweeting after shutting down his account following his weekend wedding

Somehow you knew it wasn't going to last. Alec Baldwin was back on Twitter on Wednesday, after shutting down his amusing but often vitriolic account following his weekend wedding to yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas.

The new handle is @ABFalecbaldwin.

His first offerings included a promo of his weekly podcast "Here's the Thing," noting that his guest would be Richard Lustig. A second was "In support of my friends at the NY Phil…" and linked to a N.Y. Times article about the "30 Rock" star donating $1 million to the orchestra to honor Zarin Mehta, its outgoing president and executive director.

A third, apparently directed to his daughter at @IrelandBBaldwin, was more classic Alec: "The media may not lie about everything but a great amount, yeah. You have learned well, Grasshopper."

Baldwin, who's used his Twitter account to bash everyone from the American Airlines flight attendant who told him to turn off his cell phone before a flight to the paparazzo he had a run-in with in New York last month, powered down his account sometime over the weekend, leaving fans of ill-tempered digital outbursts hanging high and dry.

Baldwin had quit Twitter once before — in December, after his feud with American Airlines reached a fever pitch, he decided to "crash" his account and start anew.