‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’ Gets New Name, Josh Homme Theme Song

The Adult Swim returns on May 8 as “Aqua Teen Patrol Squad 1” with a new theme song by Josh Homme

On Tuesday, via a wacky video, the mush-mouthed character Meatwad — one of the trio of stars of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," Adult Swim's longest-running program — announced that the stoner-friendly cartoon will air under a new name when it returns on May 8: "Aqua Teen Patrol Squad 1."

Well, a crudely constructed hand puppet purporting to be Meatwad did, at any rate.

But perhaps the bigger news, buried near the end of the clip below, is that the show will carry a new theme song, written and performed by Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures) and frequent collaborator Alain Johannes.

The shifts in name and theme song confirm a 2010 revelation by the show's creators that the series would be going in a new direction with its eighth season. As does this excellent quote by the amorphous Meatwad hand puppet:

"The creative team behind 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' are unhappy with the pilot of 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' and subsequent 99 episodes of 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force. So the show is being brough back into production and retooled as 'Aqua Unit Patrol Force Teen' — 'Squad 1,' sorry."

"Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1" debuts May 8 at 11:45 p.m.