BET Awards: Mariah Carey’s ‘#Beautiful’ Performance Fuels Lip-Sync Speculation

The pop star sang her new song perhaps a little too perfectly at Sunday's awards show for some viewers

Mariah Carey sang "#Beautiful," beautifully on the BET Awards Sunday. Or did she?

Conflict is a-brewin' about whether the former "American Idol" judge actually sang her new hit or just moved her mouth to the words … again.

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Carey is no stranger to lip-syncing controversy. Earlier this year, on the "Idol" finale, Carey was accused of not singing a medley of greatest hits live, which the singer's reps vehemently denied at the time. As of this writing, the reps had not returned a request for comment on her BET performance for TheWrap.

This time around, flawless notes and perhaps un-flawless mouth movement is what appears to be fueling the media (and social media) speculation of Sunday night's awards show set.

Here are some reactions on Twitter:

UPDATE: Viacom has blocked the video, citing copyright issues.