‘Breaking Bad’ Fans Fume Over iTunes Charge for Final Episodes

For some reason, people are upset about being charged again after paying for "Breaking Bad" Season 5

Last Updated: July 16, 2014 @ 3:38 PM

"Breaking Bad" got off to a dramatic start for its final eight episodes on Sunday. But the drama surrounding the iTunes fee for those episodes is shaping up to be nearly as riveting.

Fans of the show are registering their outrage over being charged extra for the last eight episodes of the AMC meth drama, after already shelling out for the fifth season.

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The final eight seasons of "Breaking Bad" comprise the second half of the show's fifth and final season, which went on a nearly year-long break before resuming on Sunday.

But on iTunes, the remaining eight episodes are being billed as "Breaking Bad, The Final Season," and customers are being billed for them. Specifically, iTunes customers are being charged $14.99 for standard definition and $22.99 for high definition.

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That's not sitting well with some "Breaking Bad" fans, who already shelled out for Season 5, only to find out it only covered the first eight episodes.

"When we purchased this Season it never stated it was only half of the season and we'd have to buy again. Shameful tactic to sneakily change it afterwards. I'm embarrassed for you," wrote user orangebluedevil in the iTunes comments section for the final eight episodes.

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"'Breaking Bad' has only 5 seasons," another customer, whose post is headlined "I feel cheated," added. "The last 8 episodes of the series are part of season 5. I bought what I thought was season 5 through iTunes, but it turns out I only got the first half of season 5. The last 8 episodes of the series are not being included in the package I bought, and instead are being sold separately as 'The Final Season.' Guess what Apple? Season 5 IS the final season."

They aren't the only ones who are disappointed. As reported by Mashable, the iTunes review section of the series is littered with angry sentiments from fans who feel duped.

"There is only 1 Season 5 for this Show. Why do I have to pay again?" one user complained. "Shame on you, Apple."

"The package I bought was titled 'Season 5,' not 'Season 5 Part 1," another customer groused. "The existence of this set separately from 'Season 5' sets an incredibly terrible precedent for Apple's Season Pass program." 

Another distressed "Breaking Bad" devotee contacted The Consumerist to complain of the apparent fleecing.

"I find it outrageous that they would sell a product and only provide half of what was promised," the customer, identified as "Martin," wrote. "I would never have dropped that much cash for a measly 8 episodes. I have contacted iTunes support and I am awaiting their reply."

The first eight episodes of the current season, billed as "Breaking Bad, Season 5," cost $13.99 for standard definition and $21.99 for high definition.

Apple has not yet responded to TheWrap's request for comment.


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