‘Breaking Bad’ Teaser: Walter White, Threatened at Home (Video)

Heisenberg at home

Last Updated: July 24, 2014 @ 11:58 AM

Walter White doesn't look like the one who knocks in the latest teaser for "Breaking Bad."

White (Bryan Cranston) got into the meth business to help his humble homestead, and keep his family financially secure. But since then, all sorts of threats have come to White household: First Tuco kidnapped Walt just a few feet from his front door. Then the Cousins let themselves in. And one night a madman threw a pizza on his roof. (Oh wait: That was Walt.)

In the ten-second teaser released by AMC on Monday, Walt races outside in his bathrobe, looking very afraid.

In a way, the preview of the show's final eight episodes is a callback to the show's very beginning: Walt standing alone outside, afraid and underdressed. But last time he was outside a mobile home, not his actual home.

Maybe someone else knocked?

Watch the video: