‘Breaking Bad': Walter White Makes Most Disturbing Reveal Yet (Video)

Hank Schrader makes a discovery that would make his hair fall out — if he wasn't already bald

Bryan Cranston's Walter White has done a lot of horrifying things across the five-season run of AMC's meth drama "Breaking Bad" — but this could be his most bone-chilling act yet.

On Sunday's episode of "Breaking Bad," White delivered a jaw-dropping moment in the form of a disc that he gave to his brother-in-law Hank Schrader with some shocking content on it. (We'll refrain from discussing the content in detail, to spare anyone from whining about spoilers.)

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In a new video that made the internet rounds on Tuesday, the disc gets switched, revealing a much more hair-raising sight than the one that was shown on Wednesday's episode — a clip from Cranston's former hit, "Malcolm in the Middle," that just might change your view of Heisenberg forever.

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Watch the video below — if you dare.