CBS-Time Warner Cable Standoff: TWC Offers Free Antennas as a Work-Around

Cable company will also pay $20 for antennas from select Best Buy locations

Time Warner Cable is offering free antennas to its customers who have had CBS blocked from their service in the protracted retransmission standoff between the two companies.

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TWC announced on Friday that it has a limited number of free indoor antennas available to subscribers in the affected areas.

Subscribers can pick up the antennas at Time Warner Cable locations in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, Los Angeles/desert cities, New York City, Milwaukee and Green Bay.

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In addition to the free antennas, TWC is offering to provide $20 toward the purchase of broadcast antennas at select Best Buy locations.

CBS stations have been blacked out for about 3.5 million customers in New York, Los Angeles and Texas — plus in other areas scattered throughout the nation — since Aug. 2, when negotiations over retransmission fees broke down. CBS contends that it receives lower compensation than other, less-popular stations. Time Warner Cable, meanwhile, contends that its retransmission fees are based on a variety of factors.

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Throughout the standoff, the rhetoric has remained heated, with CBS calling a compromise offer from Time Warner Cable a "sham," and Time Warner Cable accusing CBS off engaging in "punitive conduct."

Maybe the subscribers could stick the antennas in their ears to drown out the back-and-forth bickering between the two companies instead.