Stephen Colbert Suggests NY Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez Try Combat Juggling (Video)

If that whole baseball thing doesn't work out, there's always the Com Jugg

Stephen Colbert, who knows very little about baseball, nevertheless had to address the suspension of one of the sport's biggest names: Alex Rodriguez.

Or not. As Colbert pointed out in his "Sport Report" segment (the T's are still silent), Rodriguez can still play while the appeal of his 211-game suspension goes through and he'll probably make another $61 million even if he never takes the field again.

With that, Colbert decided to find another sport worthy of his attention. Past summer sports he's looked at have included Horse Canoe Chopping. This year, it's Combat Juggling, which, unlike Horse Canoe Chopping appears to be a real thing.

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Colbert showed a clip of "some primo Com Jugg," in which competitors must knock their opponents' juggling items away from them while simultaneously juggling their own items.

"This is the sport for you if you've ever seen someone juggling and thought 'man, I'd like to punch that guy,'" Colbert said.

Watch the video: