‘Colbert Report': The Constitution Is Gay (Video)

Stephen Colbert says if DOMA is unconstitutional, then the Constitution must be gay

Viewers got Stephen Colbert's anxiously-awaited take on the Supreme Court's decision to strike down key parts of the Defense of Marriage Act during Wednesday night's episode.

Colbert first took issue with the Supreme Court's ruling that part of DOMA violated the Fifth Amendment, noting that he wasn't aware there were any amendments after the second one ("the right to keep and bear arms").

"It was written by a bunch of dudes in wigs and tights in the city of 'Brotherly Love,'" Colbert sscoffed, noting that the legislation was "bicameral" and also the calligraphic handwriting they used was just a little too "fancy."

"It looks like a gay wedding inviation," Colbert sighed.

Watch the video:

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