‘Colbert Report': Oppressed White Male Alert! (Video)

Embattled San Diego mayor Bob Filner has been accused of sexual harrassment by several women

Stephen Colbert's usual nightly show was interrupted on Thursday with an Oppressed White Male alert, demanding his immediate attention.

Oppressed white male and San Diego mayor Bob Filner has been accused by several of his former female employees of sexual harassment. He put them in headlocks, asked them not to wear underwear, and planted sloppy wet kisses on their cheeks, the women allege. His former communications director said he was "not fit to hold any public office."

Colbert protested: "If he's fit enough to hold a woman half his age in a headlock, I think he's fit enough to hold public office."

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Filner has admitted to having "frailties" and a "monster inside" him. He's asking the city of San Diego to pay his legal fees, saying he never received the required sexual harassment training that surely would've kept him from doing what he's accused of.

Watch the video: