‘Colbert Report': Shorter Games for Impatient Children (Video)

Stephen Colbert debuts his new, easy-to-play board game

Apparently, the board games of our youth all take too long for today's attention-lacking child, so some board game manufacturers are introducing shorter versions of their classic games. Monopoly, for example, has a 30-minute "Monopoly Empire" version where you can own "the world's top brands" and never go to jail, as that square was eliminated.

Stephen Colbert was a fan of this new version, saying "It's faster and it teaches kids what it's really like to work on Wall Street!"

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In fact, he was so on board with the new shorter board games that he came up with one of his own: "Stephen Colbert's Coin Toss," which comes with a very intricate set-up made up of elements that look suspiciously similar to those in Life, Mousetrap, and Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.

Sadly, Colbert ended up losing the coin toss to his young opponent and thus the game, so he had a temper tantrum and sent the kid home, accusing him of cheating.

Watch the video: