Was ‘Colbert Report’s’ All-Star Dance Fest ‘Get Lucky’ Real, or an Ad for MTV? (Video)

Music site Pitchfork accuses Colbert of deception, Colbert fights back

Fresh from his triumphant, star-studded "Get Lucky" video that starred everyone from Henry Kissinger to Matt Damon rocking out to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" (except, of course, for Daft Punk themselves, as they weren't allowed to appear on "The Colbert Report"), Stephen Colbert was rocked afresh — by controversy.

Music website Pitchfork doubted that Colbert could've pulled off the performance by Robin Thicke that occurred later on Tuesday's show with so little advance notice, and suggested that the entire thing was "an elaborate fake out to promote Daft Punk's appearance at the VMAs."

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"Busted!" Colbert admitted, adding that he was so committed to the ruse that he himself had no idea Daft Punk wasn't going to be on his show, all to promote a different show on another channel.

Colbert added that the VMAs will be on OWN on September 5 at 3 a.m., right after "Hysterectomy Horrors" (hosted by Lou Diamond Phillips).

Watch the video:

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