Conan O’Brien to Officiate Gay Marriage in New York Show

No, it’s not just a ratings stunt

Conan O'Brien will take advantage of his show's visit to New York City next week to officiate a gay marriage — and before you say "ratings stunt," consider that the union is between one of O'Brien's longtime staffers and his partner.

The ceremony, reported by Vulture, will take advantage of New York's recent legalization of same-sex marriage. It will take place when O'Brien returns to the city where he hosted "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" in honor of his TBS show's one-year anniversary.

It's another way O'Brien is emulating Johnny Carson: As Vulture notes, the wedding of Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki on "The Tonight Show" four decades ago broke ratings records.

O'Brien will tape his shows at New York's Beacon Theater. Producers haven't announced which night the wedding episode will air next week, but wouldn't mind if you just watch every night to be safe.