‘Cougar Town’ Cast Announces TBS Premiere Date With Musical Extravaganza (Video)

Courteney Cox and her "Cougar Town" cohorts really, really want you to remember that their show comes back on the air Jan. 8

Courteney Cox, Busy Philips and the rest of the "Cougar Town" gang are so happy about returning to the air that they could sing. In fact, they are.

"Cougar Town" — which was picked up by TBS after ABC axed the series after it ran three seasons on the network — returns with new episodes Jan. 8 on the cable network. And just to make sure that fans remember the date, the cast busts out a tune to celebrate the upcoming new season.

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The basic message of the song? They're back. And that message gets repeated ad infinitum. The video's a little like riding on Disney's It's a Small World exhibit, to be honest, except with more wine.

Allow the "Cougar Town" cast to serenade you in the video below.

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