Could the Future of Legendary TV Be on Netflix?

CEO Thomas Tull said the definition of TV has morphed and he would be investing "real capital" towards building for the future

Legendary Pictures signaled it would aggressively develop and produce television for the first time when it hired former Warner Bros. Television Chief Bruce Rosenblum as its president of TV and digital, a move announced on Monday.

Despite Rosenblum's traditional TV background in the business, could Legendary be looking at Netflix and Amazon as the distributor for its shows?

"Absolutely," said Legendary CEO Thomas Tull when TheWrap asked whether the streaming services were likely destinations for its new shows.

Tull said that society is "watching the very definition of television change and morph." He referenced recent phenomena like on-demand and binge viewing — when viewers watch numerous episodes in one setting.

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Netflix has always described that behavior as typical of its audience and used it to justify its recent strategy of releasing every episode of new original shows like "House of Cards" and "Arrested Development" all at once.

Legendary first signaled its intent to produce TV shows in 2011 when it formed Legendary Television and signed a co-financing contract with Warner Bros. TV – then run by Rosenblum.

A year later, Legendary ceased its plans and its relationship with WBTV. Tull explained that his company would always rather "measure twice and cut once," by which he meant it would not let momentum carry it somewhere it wasn't ready to go.

The company was not happy with where it stood a year ago, a sentiment that has clearly changed as Tull said Legendary would be allocating "real capital" towards its television division.