‘Daily Show': Jon Stewart Skypes in From the Middle East

Says it's weird to watch John Oliver host: "It's like watching someone have sex with your wife's desk"

Jon Stewart paid a Skype visit to the "Daily Show" Thursday, wearing a new beard and denying that he's been hiding out with Edward Snowden.

Stewart praised John Oliver's work as his fill-in host, but said it's weird for him to watch: "It's like watching someone have sex with your wife's desk."

He also denied he's been hanging out with Edward Snowden in an underground bunker. (In truth, he's filming "Rosewater," his directorial debut.)

Not much as changed at the "Daily Show," Oliver said — except that the "Daily Show" staff now plays pickup games with the Mets, and Bruce Springsteen, Stewart's favorite musician, stops by every Tuesday.

Watch the video:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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