‘Daily Show’ Loses Advertiser Over ‘Vagina Manger’ (Video)

In related news, the Catholic League encourages you to fly Delta

A "Daily Show" joke featuring a "vagina manger" has gone too far for Delta's tastes, and the Catholic League has sent an image from the routine to Kellogg's in the hopes that it, too, will stop advertising on Jon Stewart's satiric comedy show.

In the routine, which aired April 16, Stewart suggested that the so-called War on Christmas has drummed up more outrage among conservatives than the so-called War on Women. He suggested that women protect their reproductive freedoms by combining them with Christmas imagery, perhaps creating "vagina mangers" and Advent calendars containing birth-control pills.

After protests from the Catholic League, Delta dropped advertising on "The Daily Show." The airline said in a statement that it constantly evaluates its ad buys, does not necessarily endorse the content of any of the shows on which it advertises, and does not intend to offend anyone.

"I encourage everyone to choose Delta the next time they fly. We need to support advertisers who act responsibly," Said Catholic League president Bill Donohue on the group's website.

The Catholic League has now turned to Kellogg's, sending an image of the skit — a manger scene between a woman's legs — to the company's executives Monday. Kellogg's has not responded to TheWrap's request for comment.

Comedy Central, which airs "The Daily Show," also declined comment.

Watch the original routine: