‘Dancing with the Stars’ Casualty Wendy Williams Admits She ‘Can’t Even Do the Running Man’

The syndicated talk show host and frequent target of “The Soup” joked about her dancing chops after being voted off Tuesday night

Wendy Williams' services will no longer be needed on "Dancing with the Stars."

This is sad, because we greatly enjoy all things relating to the awkward, self-deprecating "hot mess" that is Williams, the vivacious TV host who has been known to use a lighter to heat up a Slim Jim, her favorite snack, as if it's a meaty crack pipe. So, her untimely elimination from "Dancing with the Stars" sends us reeling this morning —  especially in the wake of competitor Kirstie Alley's fall on Monday, which bloggers were writing about all over the place yesterday.

Now, far be it for us to judge whether Williams' performance was up to snuff or not — the last time we hit the dance floor, at a friend's wedding, we gouged a fellow reveler's shin while attempting a scissors kick during the chorus of Van Halen's "Jump." But she readily admitted in her farewell interview that "this is one black girl who can't even do the Running Man."

For that quote and the potential for many more just like it, producers should have kept her around until the bitter end, just because.

With nine celebrity competitors left, we guess we'll have to root for Ralph Macchio to emerge victorious. After all, he did do that tricky air guitar dance in "The Karate Kid, Pt. II."