Don Draper Joins the AMC-Dish Battle

"Mad Men's" resident alpha male jumps into the increasingly heated battle over whether Dish will drop AMC Networks from its roster

The feud between AMC and Dish has just taken a really cutthroat turn: Now Don Draper has joined the fray.

"Mad Men's" resident alpha male is featured in an ad that ran in the Wall Street Journal on Friday, urging Dish subscribers to raise up their pitchforks and torches and demand that AMC be kept on Dish's slate.

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"You should be getting MAD," the ad reads. "Dish Network is dropping AMC. Dish subscribers may miss the highly anticipated finale of the Emmy Award-winning series 'Mad Men.' Tell Dish that you're really mad!"

The season finale of "Mad Men" airs on Sunday.

The Draper ad is the first in a campaign intended to inform Dish customers how they can demand that Dish not drop AMC, WEtv and IFC, and also to ask that Sundance be added back to Dish's service.

AMC and the satellite provider have been locked in an increasingly heated battle, with Dish threatening to drop AMC's networks when their contract runs out this month. And earlier this week, Dish pushed AMC's networks to the outer reaches of its channel listings, forcing fans of AMC to do a whole lotta scrolling if they want to watch "Mad Men" and other AMC-related fare.

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AMC has maintained that Dish is acting out of retaliation over a lawsuit with Voom HD, an indirect subsidiary of AMC Networks.

"It is unfortunate that, in retaliation for an unrelated lawsuit, Dish is punishing its customers by threatening to drop the AMC Networks, and with this sudden, dramatic change in channel position, making it extremely difficult for their customers to find and watch some of the most popular and acclaimed shows on television," AMC told TheWrap in a statement.

One can only imagine how Draper's pitch for this ad would have gone if it were pitched on an episode of "Mad Men."