‘Falling Skies’ Star Noah Wyle on Showrunner’s Departure: ‘It’s a Tough One’

Also, Remi Aubuchon talks to TheWrap about leaving the show and his replacement

It came as a surprise to the "Falling Skies" fandom (and some within TNT) when news that the series' showrunner, Remi Aubuchon, had resigned ahead of Season 3's June 9 premiere date.

Aubuchon decided to leave the show after two seasons to pursue his dream of writing a science fiction novel – something that he would be unable to do while on the very challenging show.

"This is a very difficult show to work on," Aubuchon admitted to TheWrap. "And the truth is I did feel burnt out after this season."

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"There were a lot of reasons why the last season was frenetic and chaotic and difficult," series star and executive producer Noah Wyle told The Wrap. "But, much like the alliance with [the show's new aliens] the Volm, it's proven to be advantageous."

"It's a tough one," he said. "Remi, in a lot of ways, knew our show like nobody has and saw greater possibilities for the storytelling than anyone has ever envisioned."

Aubuchon leaves after a very ambitious third season for the TNT series as it jumps seven months and reveals that the group stays on in Charleston — with Wyle's Tom Mason as the Resistance's new President — and makes alliances with the rebel skitters and the newly arrived (and technologically advanced) Volm.

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"The proof's in the pudding," Wyle told TheWrap. "We created a really good season and Remi is directly responsible for it. So, I'm sorry to see him go."

Former "Battlestar Galactica" executive producer and "Caprica" co-creator David Eick will replace the departing showrunner. Aubuchon personally recommended his replacement and told us that while he won't have a formal role on Season 4, Eick has already bounced ideas off of him.

Wyle met with the new showrunner last week. "I have great confidence in David Eick coming on," Wyle said.

"He's coming with great passion and a lot of really great ideas. And the truth is this show has had a lot of fathers along the way already and maybe that's just the nature of the beast."