Fox Hooks Up With Dating Show ‘Take Me Out’

New Fox series “Take Me Out,” based on an international format, will feature a group of women judging a bachelor until they have the tables turned on them

Fox is looking for a few hot dates.

The network announced Monday that it has given the green light to the dating reality series "Take Me Out," based on the international format, for a June  premiere.

Fox describes "Take Me Out" as "a fast-paced, dynamic and hilarious series in which first impressions really do count, and where one lucky woman has the chance to win the ultimate dream date with a potential new flame."

The show will feature 30 single women — dubbed "The Flirty 30" — who meet several eligible bachelors each week. The bachelors attempt to impress the women with their wit, looks and personality, and when one of the women becomes disinterested in a man, she turns off the light in her podium, taking herself out of the pool of potential couplings.

As the rounds progress and more women declare themselves disinterested, the tables are turned, and the bachelor gets to eliminate the women he's not interested in.

At the final round, the bachelor will ask one last question of the two remaining women. Whichever woman answers most satisfactorily will be "whisked away on a romantic fantasy date" with the bachelor.

"Take Me Out" will be produced by FremantleMedia North America, which produces "American Idol" and "The X Factor." Jeff Apploff will executive-produce, with Jack Martin and Kevin Williams co-executive producing.

The series will  premiere June 7 at 8 p.m.