Howard Stern on ‘America’s Got Talent’ Gig: ‘I’m Going to Be a Strict Judge’ (Video)

"I've gotta stick to my guns," radio giant Howard Stern says of his upcoming "America's Got Talent" gig

Howard Stern has never been one to hold his opinion back, and that apparently extends to his upcoming stint as a judge on "America's Got Talent."

The first footage of outspoken radio host Stern in his new capacity as "AGT" judge has emerged, and the self-proclaimed King of All Media makes it clear that he won't be coddling any contestants if they don't make the grade.

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"I've gotta stick to my guns," Stern asserts in the clip. "You gotta get the very best talent. I don't want to go buzzer-crazy, but I'm going to be a strict judge, and I've gotta stick to that."

Indeed, shots of Stern in action on the upcoming season indicate that he isn't afraid to throw out a zinger or two. "I haven't seen anything like that ever, and I hope I never do again," he tells one would-be entertainer. To a musical group playing instruments fashioned out of suitcases, he cracks, "Wouldn't the suitcases be better used for you packing up and getting off the stage?"

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Another musician, whose harp-like instrument is strung throughout the performance space, fares much better in Stern's estimation.

"You turned this whole theater into an instrument," Stern raves. "That's originality, and I made my career on originality, and I bow to you."

"America's Got Talent" returns to the air May 14 on NBC. Until then, get an advance glimpse in this video.