Hulu Goes ’90s Nostalgic for April Fool’s Day

Hulu offers grainy images, dull fonts, and “Sliders” in a look back at the Internet’s awkward years

No, your hissing, beeping modem didn't deceive you this morning: Hulu went 1996 for April Fool's Day, offering grainy images, simple fonts and a slate of shows including "The X-Files," "News Radio" and "Sliders."

Classics, all. And, yes, users did get that modem noise when they selected one of the episodes.

Other features included a guest book and hit counter set at an impressive "00000000000000054." A helpful note said the site was "Best Viewed in Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer at 1024×768."

The rest of the site stayed the same, which was good, we guess. Check back in 15 years to see if today's shows hold up as well as "The X-Files."