IMDB’s ‘Jane Doe’ Plaintiff Junie Hoang: 5 Things to Know

Getting better acquainted with the woman behind this year’s hottest ageism-related lawsuit

With the January 6 amended complaint filed against and, the world finally knows who the infamous "Jane Doe" — who's suing because IMDB revealed her age on the site — is.

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But how well do we really know Junie Hoang (nee Huong Hoang), the woman behind the name behind the lawsuit? We all know that she's 40 years old, we all know that she's not crazy about the fact that we know that fact, and we've all thrilled to her topnotch work in "Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver." And now, in the interest of journalistic inquiry, we present 5 Things You Should Know About Junie Hoang.

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5. She Could Probably Kick Your Ass
Time will tell if Hoang emerges victorious in court, but we wouldn't take our chances if we encountered her in a dark alley. In preparation for the acting career that she says so cruelly hindered, Hoang has versed herself in the martial arts, studying at Houston, Texas' Kuk Sool Won facility, and according to her resume, her skills include martial arts, marital arts weapons and stage combat.

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4.She's Not Particularly PC
In addition to being an actress, Hoang fancies herself a comedienne — and she apparently studied at the Andrew Dice Clay School of Joke-Telling and Stuff. Witness the video below, in which Hoang cracks wise at the expense of the homosexual community, joking, "My cousin is so gay, in school all the kids were dissecting frogs and he was opening flies." Laugh it up all you want, Ms. Hoang, but you might want to ask yourself if your choice of material might also be negatively affecting your acting career.

3. She's Actually Fairly Bright
Despite what you might think about the wisdom of the suit she filed, Hoang does have a head on her shoulders. Her IMDB profile — which, we've already found out, is more accurate than she might like — indicates that Hoang graduated salutatorian (that's "second place" for the uneducated out there) in her high-school class, and she earned a B.S. in Biomedical Science from Texas A&M University's College of Veterinary Medicine.

2. She's a Fan of the Silent Treatment
Aside from learning how to deliver a Far East-style beatdown, Hoang's background involves training at the Texas Mime Theater. Clearly, she's aware that, when embarking on one's acting career, it's important to analyze which markets will offer the best job prospects in the future.

1. She's Big on Second Chances
Despite the love of animals that her veterinary education might suggest, Hoang was not above co-starring in "Michael Vick: Giving Back," a movie that chronicles NFL star and admitted dog-fight facilitator Vick's efforts to rehabilitate his image via charitable works. So clearly, she has faith in the power of redemption. Which will surely come as a relief to IMDB and Amazon.