Preview James Spader on ‘The Office’ and John Goodman on ‘Community’ (Video)

Enjoy a short look at Spader, and a longer one at Goodman

Wondering how James Spader will get along in "The Office" and John Goodman will fit into "Community"? NBC's new promos offer some hints.

The first is a sizzle reel to that aims to get you jazzed — nay, psyched — about the upcoming season's comedy lineup. But the highlight of the highlights is the interplay between Spader's character, the magnificently named Robert California, and Rainn Wilson's Dwight Schrute:

The "Community" promo, meanwhile, finds Goodman asserting his power as Greendale Community College's new vice dean:

Are you psyched for either addition? Or at least jazzed? What about intrigued?