Jimmy Fallon’s Audience Thinks Comptroller Is ‘A Sexy Robot,’ Possibly Trolley Driver (Video)

New York Comptroller candidate Eliot Spitzer stops by to help them sort out the definition

Eliot Spitzer may be perfectly suited to be New York's Comptroller — if for no other reason than he seems to be the only one who knows what the office actually does.

During Monday's episode of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," Spitzer fielded some audience inquiries about the little known political term. Fallon asked his crowd to write down what they believe a comptroller does.

The two men read some of the best — or worst — replies from audience members in the bleachers.

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Some of their thoughts on what a comptroller is: A guy who drives a trolley, the person who decides which way the airplanes should land, or a sexy robot who likes fishing.

Spoiler alert: It's none of those things.

Get the real answer by watching the clip: