Jimmy Kimmel to Children: You’re Screwed (Video)

Jaunty tune tells younger generation that none of our current problems will be solved because 'Our Congress is dysfunctional, gridlock has ensued … you're screwed.'

Last Updated: July 24, 2014 @ 12:00 PM

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" may air past most children's bedtimes, but that doesn't mean the show can't include a lesson or two for the younger generation.

On Thursday's show, Kimmel introduced his latest Kimmel Kartoon: a modern take on those educational "Schoolhouse Rock" songs that told every child in the 1970s how a bill became a law. Except this time, no bills become laws because our Congress is completely ineffective in the face of the many problems we have.

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Thus: "you're screwed!" as a father cheerfully sings to his son. There's pollution everywhere, and everyone is obese even though there's not enough food to go around. Also, drugs and disease. But don't look to Congress to help, because they're too busy fighting with each other and stopping good bills from being passed.

Watch the video: