‘Daily Show’s’ John Oliver Blames Filibusters on ‘Congress’s Innate D—ishness’ (Video)

Nearly half of all executive nominee filibusters ever have occurred during the Obama administration

John Oliver focused his attention to the filibuster on Tuesday night, calling them "one of our democracy's quirkiest features."

He reminded viewers how popular the congressional strategy is these days, and why not? It is far simpler to pull off than your parents' filibuster.

The "Daily Show" substitute teacher pointed that nearly half of all executive nominee filibusters — of all time — have occurred during the Obama administration, which troubles him.

There are two reasons as Oliver sees it. The first is "Congress's innate d—ishness," which he says you just can't teach. Secondly, under current rules, all you have to do to filibuster is announce that you're going to filibuster. No more standing for 15 hours, holding your pee, as Oliver put it.

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The comedian then profiled the current battle over the filibuster between Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who he compared to "an Ambien, stuffed inside a Lunesta, covered by a bottle of Nyquil."

Watch the clip: