John Travolta Massage Mess: Gloria Allred Scores Tentative Win in John Doe Lawsuit

Judge tentatively sides with Gloria Allred over lawsuit brought by former attorney for John Travolta accusers

In the ongoing legal saga over John Travolta's alleged inappropriate behavior during massage sessions, attorney Gloria Allred landed a victory in court on Wednesday, as Judge Michael P. Linfield of the Los Angeles Superior Court tentatively granted Allred's motion to strike a suit brought against her by the original lawyer for two of Travolta's accusers.

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Allred's motion was in response to a complaint filed by Okorie Okorocha, who initially represented the accusers — identified as John Doe #1 and John Doe #2 in court papers — in a lawsuit against "Pulp Fiction" actor Travolta.

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The accusers both parted ways with Okorocha and retained Allred, and Okorocha subsequently filed a suit claiming that Allred had unlawfully poached John Doe #2 from him.

In the motion to strike, Allred's law firm claimed that Okorocha "has no admissible evidence," and that his "purported 'evidence,' contained in his declaration, consists of various combinations of argument, improper opinion, matters lacking in foundation and violations of the attorney-client privilege."

Linfield mostly sided with Allred, sustaining the majority of her objections to Okorocha's declaration.

A hearing on the matter is scheduled for Friday.

Allred had no comment for TheWrap. Okorocha has not yet responded to TheWrap's request for comment.

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In his complaint, filed in May, Okorocha claimed that he parted ways with John Doe #1 because of a potential conflict of interest. He then sought Allred's counsel — after which, Okorocha claimed, Allred illegally wooed John Doe #2 away from Okorocha.

John Does #1 and #2 — who claimed that Travolta sexually battered them during separate massage sessions in January — voluntarily dismissed their suit without prejudice when they parted ways with Okorocha. Allred has said that she is consulting with both men about their next steps, which could include possibly re-filing against the actor.

Allred has vowed to countersue Okorocha over his complaint.

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While this might close (tentatively, at least) one chapter of the courtroom odyssey over Travolta's alleged rubdown shenanigans, the gavel hasn't banged for the final time just yet — especially for Travolta.

Aside from the specter of the actor potentially being re-sued by the John Does, Travolta and his attorney, Martin Singer, have also been slapped with a lawsuit filed by the author of a book chronicling Travolta's supposed sexual escapades in a Los Angeles spa. The author, Robert Randolph, claims that Travolta made defamatory remarks about him through Singer which damaged his credibility and, subsequently, his potential book sales.

Earlier this week, former Royal Caribbean cruise attendant Fabian Zanzi, who claims that Travolta solicited him for sex and offered him $12,000 in hush money during a 2009 cruise, also filed suit.

Travolta's attorney, Martin Singer, has adamantly denied all accusations against his client.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.