Jon Stewart Mocks Donald Trump, ‘A Circus Peanut Wearing a Badger,’ Moderating Republican Debate (Video)

Trump will moderate Dec. 27 debate in Iowa

Despondent over comedy magnet Herman Cain's exit from the Republican presidential race, Jon Stewart and the "Daily Show" writers have something to cheer them up: word that Donald Trump will moderate a Dec. 27 debate between the Republican candidates.

"Thank you Jesus!" Stewart said Tuesday. "You know, sometimes when God closes a door, he opens a window. And sometimes standing outside that window is a circus peanut wearing a badger."

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Even better, from a comedic standpoint, is that Trump is threatening to run as an independent candidate if he doesn't like the Republican nominee. It's kind of like when a celebrity agrees to referee at Wrestlemania and inevitably ends up hitting someone with a chair.

Trump tried, with little success, to stir debate over Stewart last month when he accused him of a "very, very racist rant" that included a Cain impersonation.

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Stewart's response: He wasn't imitating Cain. But he did imitate Trump in Tuesday's segment.

Many, many times: