Jon Stewart Rips Media Over ‘Speechgate’ (Video)

Reporters blew up a scheduling conflict into a story about presidential weakness, Stewart argues

Fresh from vacation, "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart finally weighed in on the petty debate over the scheduling of President Obama's jobs speech — the one that would have been held tonight, but was moved to Thursday at the request of House Majority Leader John Boehner.

Playing clips in which talking heads said Obama had caved to Republicans, Stewart offered another possibilty: He had made a reasonable accomodation. But conflict-hungry reporters could never accept such a thing, he said.

Story continues after the video:

"See, this is why I hate the 24-hour news cycle. Well, among the reasons," Stewart said. "They've turned our Tale of Reasonable Accomodation into a Tale of Manufactured Conflict."

He noted that in a White House press conference following the decision, "There were 23 questions about the scheduling of the speech. Nine about its content."

In asking Obama to move his address to Congress, Boehner cited a busy House schedule and the need for special security precautions. But many speculated that he didn't want the speech to conflict with tonight's Republican presidential debate.

Correspondent John Oliver explained why the decision about whether to watch the speech or the debate would have been harder than "Sophie's Choice":