Jon Stewart Knocks Fox, MSNBC Over Wisconsin Recall Hyperbole

"Madison Men" segment brings us a beautiful image of a falling cow

Jon Stewart says Wisconsin's recall election brought out the hyperbole on Fox News — where pundits made perhaps too much of Gov. Scott Walker keeping his job — and on MSNBC, where the news took a while to set in.

Walker, a conservative, anti-union Republican, retained his job by a 53-46 percent margin Tuesday — faring even better than he did when he was elected in 2010 by 52-46 percent. Fox News personalities saw it as a harbinger of defeat for President Obama in November, with Sarah Palin saying plainly, "Obama's goose is cooked."

MSNBC's Ed Schultz, meanwhile, accepted the news by initially refusing to accept the news.

On Wednesday's "Daily Show," Stewart didn't accept Walker's win as a loss for Obama. But he also didn't believe MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell's claim that the president was "the really big winner" Tuesday.

"Yup," Stewart said. "Just like Obama drew it up on the chalkboard: 'Hey guys! What if we could figure out a way to have the core of what we believe soundly rejected by voters in a swing state just five months before the national election? It might just be the boost we need.'"

The highlight of the "Daily Show" segment? The beauty of a cow falling against a backdrop of silos in the "Madison Men" introduction: