Kurt Sutter Explains Why Many TV Reviews Suck

“Sons of Anarchy” blames emphasis on quantity over quality

"Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter is elaborating on his distaste for TV show recaps — saying he blames the process involved more than individual recappers.

A month ago, Sutter blamed bloggers' empty lives, daddy issues, and child abuse for low quality tweets and blog posts about his show and others. On Friday, he backed off the insults and said he understands why so much TV coverage is careless or shallow — and blamed websites that live and die by pageviews.

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"But the fault isn't with the reviewer, it's with the process," he wrote on his blog. "More, more, more, faster, faster, faster. Online journalism demands instant, catchy coverage. There is no time for in-depth, thought-provoking process. It's all flash, snark and a catchy headline."

He said he was making the point now, when reviews of his show have been mostly good, to avoid looking "like a douchebag writer scorned."

"The relationship between artist and critic is ancient," he wrote. "They need each other.  But it only works if both parties are committed to the integrity of their jobs."