Seth Meyers Previews His Late-Night Takeover on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ (Video)

Meyers will work two floors above Fallon when his late-night bid begins next year

Seth Meyers won't be hosting the "Late Night" hour on NBC until next February, but he decided to preview his upcoming digs with a visit to the "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" set.

Meyers said he's gotten a lot of questions about his new show so far, most of which seem to think he'll just take over Fallon's show wholesale — including inheriting the Roots. He won't — but Fallon graciously offered him anything else he'd like from the set: a (used) "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" mug or some Sharpies.

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Meyers will actually get a studio two floors above Fallon's for his show, making him, Meyers said, Fallon's new "awful upstairs neighbor."

Watch the video: