‘The League’ Star Jon Lajoie Launches Most Honest Fake Kickstarter Campaign Ever

Jon Lajoie has a dream: to become super rich. Will you help him reach his goal?

Finally, a celebrity Kickstarter campaign that calls it like it is. Sort of.

Jon Lajoie of FX's "The League" has launched his own take on the trend of rich and famous people panhandling online to fund their passion projects with a new spoof.

Lajoie's particular passion project? "HELP JON BECOME SUPER RICH!!!"

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According to the digital goof, the campaign has already surpassed its $500 million goal, with a total of $10,338,824,677.93 pledged so far. Which would, in fact, make Lajoie very, very, rich. If, in fact, the campaign was a fact.

But that doesn't mean that the actor is pulling the brakes on his pretend gravy train.

"Yes, we've reached our goal, but there's no limit to the wealth gap between you and I," Lajoie's site reads. "Keep donating so that I can reach my life long goal of being too big to fail!  Please spread the word! Thank you."

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So far, the pretend donors to the bogus cause include Michael J. Fox, who's fake-pledged $10,000; Justin Bieber, who's coughed up a mere pretend penny, and, um, caca caca, who has generously not really kicked in $10,000.

While crowdfunding site Kickstarter has allowed fans to make projects a reality — such as the upcoming "Veronica Mars" movie — it's also caused some to wonder whether Hollywood types with the means and connections to get their projects made through traditional channels should be passing their hat around on the internet.

Guess which side of the fence Lajoie sits on. Or just watch him explain it himself in the video.