‘Dexter’ Adds New Actor, But Who’s the Bad Guy? (Not Edward James Olmos, Apparently)

Former “Lights Out” star will play a homicide detective who transfers to Miami Metro to shake things up

The sixth season of Showtime's hit drama "Dexter" has just gained another guest star, but we still don't know who'll play our favorite serial killer's nemesis.

"Lights Out" actor Billy Brown has joined the cast as hard-nosed homicide detective Mike Cutler, who moves from Chicago to Miami Metro and begins to shake things up, Showtime said.

He doesn't exactly sound like the next Trinity Killer.

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But then again, neither does just-announced guest star Edward James Olmos. Series regular Lauren Velez, who portrays Lt. Maria LaGuerta, tells Latina that Olmos' character will be "about salvation … I don't think Eddie is going to be Dexter's nemesis."

Huh. Maybe Dexter will just catch up on paperwork this season?

Olmos, star of "Battlestar Galactica," and "Stand and Deliver," will play a brilliant and charismatic religious studies professor.

Still on the list of potential bad guys? Colin Hanks, as an expert on ancient artifacts who gets linked to a series of horrific murders, and rapper/actor Mos. 

But they both seem so nice.

One prediction: With the trailer for the coming season promising that "Hell Breaks Loose,"  viewers could be in for a religious experience.