Lindsay Lohan’s Probation Lifted for DUI

Troubled “Mean Girls” actress Lohan completes community service but will remain on informal probation for shoplifting rap

Lindsay Lohan is a free woman once again. For the most part.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner lifted the actress' formal probation Thursday after deciding that the actress had satisfactorily completed her court-mandated community service and therapy sessions.

"She did it," Sautner said, USA Today reports. "She has done everything that this court has asked of her … Probation terminates today. Now."

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Sautner added that Lohan has also paid all of her fees.

The actress will now focus on her acting career, Lohan's spokesman told TheWrap.

"Lindsay is already talking about her next few projects," the actress' spokesman told TheWrap. "She is ready to start the next chapter in her life and get back to work and doing what she loves to do — making movies."

Her upcoming projects include a Lifetime biopic about Elizabeth Taylor in which she'll play the film icon and a guest-starring role on "Glee."

This marks the first time that Lohan, 25, has been free of formal probation in more than four years.

Though Sautner closed the case of the actress 2007 DUI arrest, she will remain on informal probation for her 2011 shoplifting conviction until May 2014. However, while Lohan will need to keep her nose clean during that period, she will not be required to report to a probation officer.

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Lohan had been reporting for monthly progress meetings before Sautner since late last year. The actress had been sentenced to more than 400 hours of community service last year, much of which she served at the Los Angeles County morgue.

Sautner also cautioned Lohan to "[stop] the night-clubbing," telling her, "You know what you have to do. Goodbye, and good luck."

Lohan thanked Sautner before leaving the courtroom.