‘Little Couple’ Season 6 Preview: The Early Life and Times of Baby Will (Exclusive Video)

TLC teases the highlights to come on its hit unscripted series

Life is good on TLC's "The Little Couple."

When we last left them, Bill and Jen had finally picked up their new son, Will, from China. When Season 6 returns on Tuesday, Aug. 13 at 10 p.m./9c, Will is home and he is definitely enjoying life. The series' 100th episode will also air this season.

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In this new super teaser trailer for the season, we get a peek at some of the moments with Will that has his parents laughing, crying and even feeling some jealousy.

Yet, Will has some hard times ahead of him as he'll need to undergo many surgeries as a result of his dwarfism. And as if that isn't trying enough, he may have to start sharing his parents as baby Zoey's arrival from India approaches.

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Season 5 of "The Little Couple" was the series' highest rated ever, which ended with 2 million viewers tuning into its season finale in June.

Watch TheWrap's exclusive preview of Season 6 below: