Louis C.K. on Fathering Royal Baby, Rolling Stone Cover: ‘F— Them’ (Video)

"Blue Jasmine" actor says he just wanted to meet Woody Allen before Allen dies

Last Updated: July 24, 2014 @ 11:48 AM

Louis C.K. visited "The Daily Show" Monday to take credit for fathering the royal baby, say he worked on Woody Allen's new movie just to meet the director before he dies, and weigh in on Rolling Stone's latest cover: "F— them."

C.K. was promoting Allen's new film "Blue Jasmine," in which he plays "this guy who bothers this poor woman played by Sally Hawkins."

After accepting host John Oliver's congratulations on the birth of Kate Middleton's baby — "that's my kid" — C.K. talked about working with Allen, one of his comic idols.

"That's all I wanted to do was meet him, before he died," C.K. joked.

Oliver asked him if he might nudge Allen into doing standup again.

"I'll ask him to. I'll probably never see him again," C.K. said.

Oliver noted that Roling Stone has called C.K. both "the funniest comedian in America and a jerkoff genius."

"Well, they put that kid on the cover that blew up Boston," C.K. "So f— them. I don't care."

Watch the video: