‘Make It or Break It’ Canceled by ABC Family

Gymnast series "Make It or Break It" will come to an end with the May 14 finale of its current season on ABC Family

"Make It or Break It" is no longer making it.

The ABC Family series will come to an end after its current season, which airs May 14 at 9 p.m.

The show, which premiered in June 2009, has suffered  declining ratings, averaging 1.4 million total viewers for its current third season so far, or about half of what its first season drew. The series also received only eight episodes for its current third season, as opposed to the 20 seasons of its first two seasons.

Holly Sorenson, executive producer on "Make It or Break It," held out hope on her Twitter account that the series — which followed a group of gymnasts as they trained for the 2012 Olympics — would be allowed to play out to its logical conclusion, perhaps via a TV movie.

"We'd love to do an olympic movie of miobi," Sorenson wrote. "would love to give the show its natural end. its really a network call."