MTV Reveals Alternate ‘The Hills’ Ending: Who Gets the Guy? (Video)

A surprise return makes all the difference on the cult reality series

If you felt a little robbed by MTV's original ending to its cult reality series "The Hills" back in 2010, the network has given us a little consolation prize.

As the finale to its "RetroMTV Brunch" slate of programming, the cable network revealed an alternative ending for "The Hills" on Friday.

To recap, the original ending found Kristin Cavallari deciding she had to leave Los Angeles to "find herself" overseas. In the process, that meant leaving her on-again-off-again relationship with Brody Jenner in the off position.

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The episode ended with Jenner's city background pulled away to reveal a Hollywood set — an reference to the series' reality/scripted hybrid nature. It launched a million blogs debating whether that was a fitting end or an enormous middle finger to the fandom.

Well, the show's producers had another option. In it, Jenner returns to his apartment to find — spoiler alert! — its original star, Lauren Conrad, sitting on his couch. Yes, Cavallari, as many fans believed, was just keeping Conrad's seat warm.

Watch the alternative ending and then the one that aired below. Which one do you prefer?