Nathan Fillion’s April Fool’s Tweet: ‘Castle’ Canceled

“Mr. Fillion’s idea of a joke, evidently,” says ABC

Nathan Fillion, the puckishly charming star of "Castle" who commands a strong cult following thanks to Joss Whedon's "Firefly," tweeted Friday morning that "Castle" has been canceled.

He asked his nearly 800,000 followers to "cross fingers" about his movie prospects.

Before any fans book appointments with their therapists, remember what day it is. It's April 1. Also, know that — as a valuable service to our more gullible readers — TheWrap has confirmed with ABC that there is no truth in Fillion's tweet. ("Mr. Fillion’s idea of a joke, evidently," a network rep told us. "Castle is very much still on.")

In fact, the show received a fourth-season pickup in January.

Anyone who still believes that "Castle" is no more will also believe us when we say that Fox announced this afternoon that "American Idol" will be retooled as a jousting competition and that TheWrap has entered into an agreement with Penske Media Group to purchase Deadline.