NBC Picks Up Trap-Door Game Show ‘Still Standing’

Show based on Israeli series features contestants falling through studio floor

Will the humiliations heaped on game show contestants never cease? NBC has picked up the new trivia series "Still Standing," based on a hit Israeli series of the same title, in which contestants have to out-guess opponents in trivia battles or fall through trap doors.

At least the contestants in Fox's "Million Dollar Money Drop" only have to watch cash fall through the floor.

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The new show features quick-witted contestants and physical comedy, said Paul Telegdy, executive vice president of alternative programming for NBC and Universal Media Studios.

Like NBC's "Minute to Win It," and "Deal or No Deal," the show will try to win audiences with tweaks to the traditional game-show format.

NBC has committed to eight episodes of "Still Standing," which premiered on Israel's Channel 10 in December 2010. NBC said it improved Channel 10's average ratings by more than 50 per cent in the time slot.

The show, created and produced by July-August's Lisa Shiloach-Uzrad and Amit Stratener, is distributed internationally by Armoza Formats.

Each installment begins with each player stands behind a coin valued at $1 to $50,000. The value is kept hidden from contestants until one wins. The others are dropped through a trap door … where we hope there's a really, really fluffy pillow waiting for them.

Considering the fuss over a pair of contestants losing their dollars on "Money Drop," we'd hate to see what happens if someone breaks an ankle.