‘Newsroom’ Season 2 Promo: Jeff Daniels and the Desert

The second season begins on HBO in July

Jeff Daniels and the rest of the team from ACN News wander around a desert as Tom Odell's "Can't Pretend" wails on the soundtrack to a new teaser for HBO's "The Newsroom."

Also glimpsed perambulating about the barren landscape are a cocktail-toting Sam Waterston and Dev Patel, searching vainly for cell phone reception. The whole thing is very metaphorical — see if you catch the drift.

The Aaron Sorkin series will pick up the action in 2012, when viewers will get to find out how the media should have covered the presidential election, the Occupy Wall Street movement and the rise of Grumpy Cat.

Season 2 premiers on July 14.

Watch the video: