Newtown, Conn. Contestant to ‘Jeopardy': You Cheated Me (Video)

Thomas Hurley III mispelled "emancipation proclaimation" so it was not accepted

A Newtown, CT eighth-grader who's misspelling on a final "Jeopardy" question was not accepted as a correct answer says he feels cheated from the experience, according to

Thomas Hurley III was a contestant on the Kids Week episode of the television game show, which filmed in February and aired this week. He misspelled the final answer (which is really a question) to the final question (which is really the answer): "Abraham Lincoln called this document, which took effect in 1863, a 'fit and necessary war measure.'"

The correct response was "Emancipation Proclamation."

Hurley wrote: "Emanciptation Proclaimation." His typo, not ours.

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While he never really had a chance to win — the winner finished with $66,000 — Hurley was embarrassed, according to his mother, Suzanne.

"He was a little stunned by it," she told the publication. "He felt embarrassed. It was hard to watch.''

Hurley had $9,600 going into the final question, he wagered $3,000.

"I was pretty upset that I was cheated out of the final 'Jeopardy!' question. It was just a spelling error,'' said Hurley.

Watch the video: