PBS Drops New Mr. Rogers Remix: ‘Sing Together’ (Video)

You're crazy for this one, Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers is back with a follow up to last year's instant classic, "Garden of Your Mind."

His new song, "Sing Together," is the latest autotuned track from mash-up artist John D. Boswell, who has also created songs from the remixed vocals of PBS icons Julia Child, Bob Ross and "Reading Rainbow" host Levar Burton.

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"Garden of Your Mind," released in June 2012, was the first of the PBS remixes, piecing together vocal snippets from the beloved children's host, who died in 2003.

Besides launching the PBS remix genre, "Garden of Your MInd" has been viewed roughly 9 million times, and 450,000 people have subscribed to PBS Digtal Studios, the wing of PBS responsible for the songs. "Garden of Your Mind," meanwhile, won a Webby Award for Best Video Remix/Mashup.

All of the songs are part of an effort by PBS to reach out to a younger demographic — and fans of autotune of all ages.

As Mr. Rogers says in "Sing Together: "There's so much in this world we can learn/no matter how young or how old we are."

Does "Sing Together" live up to Rogers' first song? You be the judge.