Perry Farrell, Kreayshawn, Rebecca Black and More Try for Reality Judge Gigs for Funny or Die (Video)

The celebs audition to be judges on the (faux) reality show, "U B Da Judge," which judges celebrity judges

Between "American Idol," "X Factor," "The Voice," "America's Got Talent" and "Duets," there's plenty of demand for for reality competition judges. And is imagining the process of finding them.

Musicians including Perry Farrell, Natalie Imbruglia, Warren G and Meatloaf, as well as YouTube breakout Rebecca Black, are among those auditioning to be judges on "U Be Da Judge."

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Among the categories they try to fill? "The mean one, the pushover or the Randy Jackson." But some have their own ideas.

"You always need the rocker," Farrell argues, doing his best Steven Tyler.

Meanwhile, Warren G is challenged by a reality show chair, Kreayshawn tells a tennis judge she's going to "McEnroe your ass in the parking lot later" and Imbruglia tries to prove she can dish out appropriately vague feedback.

Watch the video: