Roseanne Barr to Be Roasted by Comedy Central

“All I can say is good luck finding anything about me to make fun of," Roseanne Barr says of her upcoming grill session on Comedy Central

Roseanne Barr better slap on the SPF 50 sunscreen, because things are about to get a tad hot for her.

Barr has been tapped as the latest subject of the Comedy Central roast series, the network said Monday.

The special will tape in Los Angeles on Aug. 4 and air on Comedy Central on Aug. 12.

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Ken Alterman, head of original programming and production for Comedy Central, said that he hoped the roast would be entertaining, despite Barr's low-key personality and history.

“Although Roseanne appears to be a demure, soft spoken woman eternally committed to the status quo, we believe under the surface is an explosive, trail-blazing cultural revolution. We are honored to roast her,” Alterman said. “Celebrating Roseanne’s unprecedented achievements in comedy and television will surely inspire us to make this roast more reminiscent of the classic roasts, where the intimacy of friends jousting with each other came through.”

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Barr also expressed her reservations about the upcoming roast's chances, citing her unblemished record of staunch conformity.

“All I can say is good luck finding anything about me to make fun of," Barr said. "I mean, I've never made a mistake or offended anyone in my life!”

Past recipients of Comedy Central's roast treatment include Charlie Sheen, Joan Rivers, Pamela Anderson and Donald Trump.

Barr's new pilot, about the operator of a trailer park, has received an order from NBC.