‘Ryan Dunn Is in Hell': Westboro Baptist to Picket Funeral Over Toy Car Stunt

Fred Phelps’ congregation issues a hate-filled press release announcing plans to picket

The Westboro Baptist Church says that "Ryan Dunn is in hell" and that it will picket any public funeral or memorial service for "Jackass" star.

The reason? Because Dunn shoved a "toy car up his rectum for entertaiment" in "Jackass: The Movie."

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In a certifiably insane press release, the hatemongering group led by knuckle-dragging Kansas pastor Fred Phelps chews out Dunn's pals for how they "whined on Twitter" about their fallen friend, who died in a fiery car crash Monday.

"This is no prank!" promises the WBC about its plans to picket another high-profile funeral.

The statement from the independent church — which achieved notoriety for picketing military funerals and the funeral of hate-crime victim Matthew Shepard  — set off a torrent of anger online.

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"Metallica's first album," wrote one peeved user on the social news site Reddit, referring to the metal band's 1983 debut, "Kill 'Em All."

Other comments were decidedly less subtle.

No one's expecting actual violence against the church's 70-plus members. But we're bracing ourselves for reports of "Jackass"-style retribution — something along the lines of, say, a fully loaded Porta-Potty being catapulted through the roof of the church's headquarters while its members are off picketing?