‘SNL': Sofia Vergara Covers ‘The Hunger Games’ as Newbie Kate McKinnon Does Penelope Cruz (Video)

"Modern Family" star Vergara and McKinnon pair up to hawk shampoo

"Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara's "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig included turns as Fran Drescher, a Santa Barbara news anchor, and a clueless reporter thrown right into the middle of "The Hunger Games."

She also made fun of her Colombian accent — a lot — especially in a skit that paired her with brand-new "SNL" featured player Kate McKinnon. It found Vergara and Penelope Cruz (McKinnon) shooting a Pantene commercial that required Cruz to deliver some incredibly difficult lines.

McKinnon demonstrated a way with accents, also playing Australian Bravo star Tabatha Coffey in another skit. Her Cruz was especially good, given that they don't look much alike.

Editor's note: An earlier verison of this story included incorrectly spelled the word "Colombian." 

Watch "The Hunger Games" skit, followed by the "Pantene" ad: